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As a clinical nutritionist who integrates scientific evidence with traditional and nutritional medicine, I have a thorough and holistic outlook on health and will be able to deep dive into exploring your health issues with you. 

Green Goodness

Initial Consultation (Online)

Your first appointment provides the opportunity for an in-depth analysis of your current health. Your current health concerns, diet and nutritional status, gut health, genetics, lifestyle factors, personal medical history and more will be discussed.


After a comprehensive and thorough consultation, you will receive an individualised  treatment plan based on your health needs providing diet and nutritional advice and lifestyle recommendations. Nutritional supplements  may be required depending on your case and a prescription for these will also be provided, if in agreement with you. Your treatment plan will be delivered via email within 72 hrs. 

If you have any recent blood results or functional test results from the last 12 months these are also analysed as part of the consultation (please email these to upon booking). 

60-90 minutes - $145

**Health Fund Rebates Available. 

Follow up Consultation (Online)

This session is an opportunity to fine tune and make any changes to your individualised treatment plan, and to go further in depth treating your current health goals. 

After your first treatment plan, a return consult is required around 2 weeks later to check in and make any changes required. 

After your 2nd consult, consequent follow ups will be as required to ensure you are progressing toward your health goals.

45 minutes - $85

**Health Fund Rebates Available. 

Blood Test

Blood Test Interpretation

Have you had blood tests done and been told “everything’s fine” but still feel like everything is not "fine"? Have you been told everything is within range but you still have ongoing symptoms?

As a Clinical Nutritionist, Breeanna interprets blood tests differently and in great detail to discover what is often missed. Your results are assessed against optimal ranges rather than the GP/labs reference ranges. 

This service involves booking a "Blood Test Interpretation", and emailing Breeanna your most recent (ideally within the last month) blood results, along with any blood result history. Breeanna will interpret your results and email you her findings, clearly explaining recommendations to rectify any imbalances or nutrient deficiencies.  


$80 - results within 3-7 days

**Further consultation and/or prescriptions may be required depending on your results and will incur additional costs.

Functional Testing

To get to the bottom of complex health issues, testing may be required.


What can be tested?

All of the blood tests your doctor refuses! As well as food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal status, chronic disease risk, or even tests to find out exactly what bacteria is inhabiting your gut and what is at the root of your gut issues.. & so so much more.

You can request testing in your consultation or a test may be recommended if required.


Testing is a seperate cost and varies per lab and per test.

Ready to improve your health?

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