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Hi beautiful 

I'm Breeanna, a degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist. I am passionate about supporting women through all stages of life, but I do have a special place in my heart for preconception & fertility.


My approach is gentle, soft and nurturing - my goal is to support you in every way that every woman desires & deserves. My consults aren't just your average consult, I like to have a more collaborative approach and being a holistic practitioner means we will go into every detail of your life from sleep to stress to what time you eat breakfast, to mindset & setting goals. 

My Education & Experience

-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutrition & Dietetic Medicine)

-Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association

-Working alongside Samantha Harris, renowned fertility acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine practitioner on the Gold Coast 

-Mentoring with Holly Sinclair, of The Women Series 

-Qualified personal trainer & Pilates instructor 

-Working for Naked Harvest Supplements as their in house nutritionist, helping with product development & community education

I am constantly attending practitioner training & masterclasses run by industry experts, to upskill my education & stay up to date with the latest research on Women's health and fertility. Extra education I have done recently includes:

  • Rhiannon Hardingham Endometriosis Masterclass

  • Rhiannon Hardingham IVF Masterclass

  • Rhiannon Hardingham Hormone Masterclass

  • The Fertility Suite Practitioner Training

  • Leah Hechtman Male & Female Fertility Training

  • Intimate Ecology Testing to Treatment Training

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