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Live your best life with endo by eating better - to feel better!

As a Clinical Nutritionist who has suffered endometriosis & adenomyosis, I know first hand what it is like suffering with endometriosis & how much it interferes with your quality of life..  


I’ve dedicated my time and career to understanding how to deal with endometriosis through a holistic, nutrition-based approach.

I help women like me & you holistically improve their chronic pain, bloating, & fertility, without restrictive dieting, birth control & medications.

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So you've tried it all..

Surgeries, pain killers, blood tests, birth control, maybe even natural supplements... & you're still dealing with endo pain & endo belly. Your doctor has no more answers for you and you're sick of living with the chronic pain, constant exhaustion, bloat.. 

What if you found a way to get your life back?

You shouldn’t have to spend your free time searching for seemingly nonexistent solutions to your endo symptoms or seeing the next doctor, or going on the wait list for the next specialist.


I' m here to tell you it is POSSIBLE to manage your symptoms without constant medication use, or without breaking the bank, regardless of the current endo struggles you’re facing.

You deserve to feel good again, and you CAN with access to a supportive endo-specialized nutritionist, with a tailored plan that helps you take back control of your body.

My Approach to Endo 

Have you read or been told that you have to remove gluten, dairy, soy, red meat, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar?


You WON’T hear that from me! I take a non-restrictive diet approach focused on addressing the 3 key areas to help you feel back in control of your life. 

endometriosis diet

3 Key Areas to Address with Endometriosis 


Immune Dysfunction


Hormonal Dysregulation



1:1 Natural Endo Support 

Are you ready to take charge of your  health?

Let's work together to create a comprehensive & holistic approach

You don't have to cut out the things you love.. 

I focus on creating healthy, consistent, and long-term habits that we work on together to implement into your daily life.

With me as your Health Practitioner, 
You will receive..

Tailored diet, supplementation & lifestyle advice that fits your budget

Support from someone who GETS it

Knowledge to empower you to take control of your own health 

A holistic approach that leaves no stone unturned

An individualised and tailored long-term plan for YOU and what your body needs 

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